About Us

Elix Companion For Life

Elix came into existence to help patients and healthcare professionals keep up with the increasing, fast-paced demands of the times. Service providers who are offering health data consolidation, electronic medical records and other virtual medical healthcare services are slowly gaining relevance in the online landscape. It is because of this and the past experience of more than 20 decades that Elix came to be an electronic medical records platform offering a vast range of virtual medical health services to help patients and medical professionals maintain a complete and up-to-date virtual health records for easy access. We cater not only to patients in India—our service is now available to patients with medical records safekeeping all across the globe.

We at Elix are one of the emerging global leaders in offering virtual healthcare services like the following:

  • EMR (electronic medical records) consolidation and safekeeping

    We help consolidate your clinical data to provide a more comprehensive medical history that the doctors can use for your future medical concerns—we allow your medical data to move with you wherever you go.

    Through this service, we help you save more time and effort by keeping your every clinical record in one place, and at the same time provide a more efficient platform for future medical references to your health condition.

  • Surgery referral

    Through our vast connections with seasoned specialists and top-notch medical facilities in India, we can offer the best suggestions and referrals when it comes to excellent yet cost-effective medical procedures. You can use our service to select the best doctors and hospitals to help you have effective, well-informed choices when it comes to your medical treatment.

  • Second Opinion Doctor service

    Looking for alternative treatment options? Our premiere service i.e. second opinion allows you to connect with a wide network of doctors and healthcare service providers when searching for alternative or supplemental treatments for your medical condition.

  • Online consultation service

    Connectte with the doctors and medical health providers over the web or mobile, anytime, anywhere through our dedicated Online consultation service.

  • Lab services

    Through our EMR service, you can consolidate your lab results for easy medical reference. We can also help book appointments for lab services for the diagnostic services you need for your medical conditions, at any laboratories and healthcare centers of your choice.

  • Pharmacy service

    Apart from our virtual medical healthcare services, we also help fulfil prescriptions and deliver your medicines to your doorstep, hassle-free.

  • Physiotherapy and rehab

    Elix also offers links to physiotherapy and rehabilitative services for patients in need of physiotherapy recommendations. Through our platform, you can effectively schedule appointments for physical therapy and rehabilitation at either your home or any renowned medical centers in India, regardless of where you are.