Elix can be your trusted service companion you can rely on to provide the best medical care services to your Family/Dependents as we understand the emotions and stress people undergo when they are staying far away from their family/dependents and are not able to take care of their day-to-day healthcare needs.

About Us

Elix Family Care was established in 2016 with the primary goal of serving the dependents/senior citizens to have a happy, healthy and independent lives by supporting them in the overall well-being and to give quality of life in the comforts of their home and also help their children be connected and updated with their health parameters & their regular health status through our mobile application.

A dedicated patient service executive will be assigned to the dependents to monitor their health. and provide all kind of healthcare services, provide a plan of care by helping get appointments with doctors, hospitals & labs with transportation and take care of the complete treatment process and update the health records on our application through which you can monitor your parents well-being and rest assured that they are in safe hands with Elix.

Do you have Family / Dependents to take care in India ?

We take responsibility of caring your dependents

  • A dedicated patient service executive will be assigned
  • Daily/Weekly calls to check the well-being of the dependent.
  • Personalised pick & drop services
  • Hand holding assistance for visiting the hospital & doctor consultation.
  • Assistance to get the best service providers
Healthcare Assistance

Health Care Assistance

If you have the responsibility of caring for an aging parent/dependent in India, we know better than anyone how stressful it can be when your parents are sick and you cannot be there to manage your parents medical needs and not able to dedicate your time for their care.

Medical Records

Keep your parents/dependents medical records chronologically and their medical history online to help save life in case of emergencies as it helps the doctor to access their medical history and decide the course of treatment.

Periodic Health Checkup

Elix helps identify your parents/ dependents health conditions by doing periodic health checkups and enables them to take preventive measures in managing health.

Fixing Doctor Appointments

Elix helps to get the concerned doctor appointments as per the specialty required for specific medical condition and enables your parents/dependents to get the best treatment.

Medical Insurance

Elix enables your parents/dependents to manage their medical expenses by getting the best medical insurance policies available from multiple insurance providers.

Pharmacy Services

Get medications at a discounted price to your doorstep by just uploading the prescription through our application and also get monthly refills as per your request.

Diagnostic Services

Elix facilitates your parents/dependents to get timely, cost-effective and quality diagnostic care services through our listed service providers and get their reports online.

Nursing Services

Elix helps you get the nursing needs of your parents/dependents by providing the best nursing care services by experienced professionals at the comfort of your home.

Assisted Living

Various levels of medical and personal care required for your parents/ dependents and assistance required for their daily living is taken care by elix through the best Assisted living service providers.

Surgery Planning

Elix helps you plan the surgery requirements of your parents/ dependents with the concerned doctor, hospital and coordinates with you for the status of their surgery and after surgery care.

Providing Second Opinion

Elix facilitates your parents/ dependents to get the second opinion from the best and renowned specialty doctors anywhere in the world helping them get an expert opinion on their disease condition.

Non Emergency Patient Transport

Elix provides a reliable & cost-effective non-emergency medical transportation services with facilities like wheelchair & stretcher as required.

Ambulance Services

Elix provides ambulance services 24x7 for your parents/ dependents requirement through our listed service providers for any kind of emergencies.

Air Ambulance Services

Elix provides fast, cost-effective air-ambulance services through our trusted service providers based on individual needs and circumstances.

24X7 Contact Centre Availability

Our customer support is always ready to help whenever your parents/ dependents need any assistance or they have any service request. We are available 24x7 and will be glad to serve anytime.

Local Patient Service Executive

We assign a dedicated local patient service executive who is compassionate and professional to take care of your parent’s specific service requirements and help them in their healthcare needs.

See How Elix Family Care Works

Following process flow shows how Elix family care works

1. Registration

Register and subscribe with elix family care

2. Add Dependents

Add your parents/dependents and update their profile details

3. Verify Medical Status

Elix will verify your dependents medical status and propose a package

4. Payment Confirmed

Payment receipt confirmation is received for the proposed package

5. Patient Service Executive is assigned

A dedicated Patient service executive is assigned to your parents/dependent

6. Update Medical History

Update the previous medical history of your parent/s with details of their family history, surgical history, social history, & allergies

7. Upload Medical Records

Upload all previous & present medical records to help in doctor consultation

8. Updation of status & services provided online

The status of consultation provided and the services provided to your parent/dependent will be updated online

9. Check the status online

The caretakers can check the status on our elix app and know the health status of your parent/dependents

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