Find the best surgeons and hospitals to suit your surgical needs through our Elix surgery referral service

We at Elix thrives by providing patients with world-class medical and surgical treatment options through our network of world-renowned surgeons and hospitals in India, US, UK & Canada.

Our surgery referral service connects you to our wide pool of surgeons and accredited hospitals selected via sensitive parameters including experience in specific healthcare segments, surgeon panel assessments, certifications, infrastructure base, and past service records.Our selection process ensures that our patients are connected with top-notch medical facilities and the best seasoned doctors in their respective fields. Elix’s surgery referral service ensures that you get the same excellent, world-class treatment for your medical condition, but less than what you would normally spend for the same medical procedure in other countries. With the growing success and demand of global patient DataLifeHealth has launched its medical tourism branch last year, Visit the site here: DataLifeHealth Tour

We aim to give you the best (yet the most reasonably-priced) options for your treatment, whether you are a patient from India or from anywhere in the world.Our services is one click or call away—you can use our surgery referral service by just reaching out to our customer support team or by sending a request through our Elixapp.