Considering alternative options other than your prescribed medical treatment course? Get a “second opinion” for your medical condition using our Elix Second Opinion service

Elix’s Second Opinion is a service enabling patients to explore other alternative treatment options for their medical diagnosis. Our service can help enlighten you whenever you’re considering alternative treatment courses and still irresolute about your prescribed treatment course. Our Second Opinion Doctor is also a platform where doctors and surgeons can interact with patients for evaluation and formulation of the best treatment strategies.

Using our Second Opinion Doctor service, we will connect you to our vast network of specialist doctors with extensive experience on your present medical concern, and also link you to medical facilities that are well-equipped to handle your treatment course.

Our Second Opinion Doctor service is also useful for patients seeking traditional, alternative medicine treatments for a wide range of medical conditions. We help our patients through our affiliations with naturopathic doctors, alternative, and Ayurvedic medicine experts and institutions in the country. To learn more about this Second Opinion Doctor service, simply reach out to us using the contact button below or call us using our contact numbers.