Physiotherapy and Rehab service

Restore your normal physical function and improve your quality of life through our Elix Physiotherapy and Rehab service.

Injuries can be a traumatizing experience for everyone, making life difficult and negatively impacting the daily routine. Physiotherapy helps individuals restore normal physical functions that were impaired by age, disease, trauma, surgery or work ergonomics. Treating these conditions on time can be a lifesaver, and there is no easier way to reach out for your therapy other than Elix.

We at Elix help connect you with renowned physiotherapists at your convenience simply by registering at our website and using the Elix app for your physiotherapy concern. You can call our customer care to quickly schedule or book an appointment for physiotherapy and rehabilitation at renowned medical centers in India well-equipped for your medical concern. Alternatively, you can opt for a Physiotherapist home visit for screening, treatment, and rehabilitation.

Our Elix Physiotherapy and Rehab service is intended on assisting our patients with utmost care and warmth in their home at their convenience with just a few clicks on their computers or smartphones.

For continued excellent virtual healthcare service, links to top doctors and medical health institutions, and access to reasonably priced treatments, more features, and benefits, sign up now or contact us today.