Online Consultation

Gain instant, web or mobile access to doctors and healthcare services through Elix Online Consultation service

The future challenge of the medical world is to enable healthcare access to remote locations to prevent unnecessary hospital trips and encourage savings. Our Elix Online Consultation service helps patients—not only in India but across the globe—to have easy access to doctors and healthcare institutions via phone whenever the need arises. The Elix Online Consultation service creates a boundless healthcare access for patients, as this service removes geographical boundaries between patient and specialized health care from top doctors and institutions.

The Online Communication service allows you to talk to a doctor in case of health variation and provides assistance with resources to take more control of your health and lead a healthier life. Our service can connect you with multiple doctors or institutions for a more sound medical opinion, depending on your need. You will be provided instant access to an expert medical opinion by our Elix Online Consultation service via its network of specialists and top institutions through our application or by communicating with our customer support team.

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